Shed Design and Installation This Fall


You take pride in your yard. You put in the work to make it aesthetically pleasing to your neighbors and supremely comfortable for yourself. We respect that effort and want to help you achieve your dream yard.

At Rustic Wood Fencing & Decks, we take great pride in each of our cedar constructions and strive to provide the perfect addition to your yard. While were named for our fence designs, our work goes far beyond that. Another area at which we excel is cedar shed construction. If you want to enhance the look of your backyard, a cedar shed can go a long way toward achieving excellent results.

Rustic Wood Fencing & Decks has 2 unique styles of sheds: the Chalet and the Peak.

Both sheds feature quality cedar walls, doors and flooring, with asphalt shingled roofs. Both styles also feature visible hinges to help highlight their rustic looks as well as sliding latches that can be locked for security. However, each style has its own unique features to set it apart. The Chalet features a plexiglass window with scallop trim (also made of cedar) that comes with a matching flower box (cedar again). Meanwhile, the Peaks entry is a crossbar style reminiscent of a barn door. We want to build the shed that works for you, so both styles can be customized with extra doors, windows and flower boxes to match your preferences.

Our strong, durable sheds improve the look of your backyard while offering pragmatic storage space for your lawn and garden equipment. Depending on the storage space you need, we can build cedar sheds in sizes from 8×8 through 10×12. Well even take down your old wood or metal storage shed and haul it away.

If youre ready to add a level of beauty to your backyard, call Rustic Wood Fencing & Decks to get the perfect custom cedar shed.